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How We Help Our Communities

Casey State Bank’s Commitment to Community

Casey State Bank was founded in 1880 as The Bank of Casey, by C.Fuqua, and Sons, Bankers. Over the years it changed hands several times until it was purchased in 1968 by S.W. “Stan” Grotenhuis and given the name “Casey State Bank.” We are proud of our rich history in the Casey area and remain dedicated to our community.

Since its founding in 1968, we are proud to have added several more branches in other locations. We opened Casey Banks in Lawrenceville, Martinsville, Flat Rock, Robinson, and Marshall. We’re thankful to be serving such a large part of Clark County, in addition to the other wonderful communities we’re a part of.

The CSB brand has always been tightly interwoven with a focus on bettering the community, and we hope that when you think of CSB awareness, you will think of our love for the community around us. Our communities excel at manufacturing, construction, and agriculture, so we ensure there are links to local weather, stocks, and local grain elevators on our website to make things easier for our customers.

Community Banking Month (30 Days of Giving)

During Community Banking Month (in April), we participated in 30 days of giving. We gave to several foundations, nonprofits, and booster clubs during this time. Every day, we donated $100 to worthy causes within our community. We were honored to help three organizations in Casey, one in Flat Rock, three in Lawrenceville, one in Martinsville, four in Marshall, and one in Robinson. We also helped out food pantries in Casey and Robinson (three in Robinson). We were able to help with backpack ministries and booster clubs in Martinsville, Marshall, Toledo, and Casey. We even got to care for our furry friends in Casey, Lawrenceville, and Robinson, by supporting animal rescues.

Casual Fridays (Jean Fund)

Casey State Bank employees enjoy the option to wear jeans on Fridays by donating $1 a week to the “Employee Jean Fund.” The money collected is donated to organizations within the communities we serve. Employees at each branch decide when and where to donate the money they’ve collected. In 2020, employees donated over $2,100 to various organizations.

So far in 2021, employees have donated a total of $1,475. These funds have helped the following organizations:

  • Crawford County K-9 Program in Robinson
  • Simple Blessings in Casey
  • Casey Head Start
  • Heartland Manor in Casey
  • Casey Healthcare
  • Casey Manor Care

Casual Fridays are a fun way for employees to give back to our local communities.

Sweet, Sweet Customer Appreciation

We love getting creative with how we show customer appreciation. Back in May, we held a special ice-cream drive-thru at our Casey location to give free ice cream to customers. The Clark County Farm Bureau ice cream truck treated customers to chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Happy Trails to You

We recently donated $2,000 to Ridgelawn Bike and Hike trail in Martinsville. It will be a 5-mile loop suitable for bikers and walkers. If you’d like to donate, you can do so at any Casey State Bank location.


Another effort we make to help our community is to provide a $500 scholarship to one student in each school district that’s located in a city that’s home to a Casey State Bank. We especially enjoy giving scholarships out to students that are pursuing education in finance, business, and agriculture. Our founder, Stan Grotenhuis, loved all of those fields of study, so we focus on those areas to honor him and our amazing agricultural community.

Giving Help as Needed

We always make an effort to give wherever it’s needed. Whether it’s a little league ball team, soccer team, junior or senior high sports team asking for a donation, or a fair or community festival, we do all that we can to help show our appreciation to the communities that have meant so much to us.

It’s a joy to give back, whether that means providing pizza to vaccine clinic employees and volunteers, giving $1,000 to the VFW for a much-needed walk-in cooler, donating school supplies for Clark County ERBA’s School supply program, or donating money for a team meal for the Casey-Westfield varsity football team. Each time we get a chance to give, we are humbled by the selfless diligence that so many community members share. Our customers have always been a huge part of our focus, and we love meeting them right where they are in this community.

Thank You for Believing in Us

Here at Casey State Bank, we truly value our community. We hope we’ve been able to share a bit of our appreciation for you because, without you, we wouldn’t be here! We are always working to help you out, whether it’s by giving you sound financial advice through our blog or by donating to help with a community project. If you love your bank as much as we are grateful for you, we hope you’ll consider following us on Facebook. That way, you won’t miss out next time there’s a customer appreciation ice cream truck, and you can stay up to date on other relevant things, like bank closures. You can even message us from there if you’d like. Of course, if you don’t have Facebook, you can still contact us by phone, email, or simply walking into one of our bank locations. Our branches are located in Casey, Flat Rock, Lawrenceville, Martinsville, Robinson, and Marshall. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – we are here for you.

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