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Other Services

License Sticker Renewal

We provide license sticker renewal services at our Casey Main location. Call or stop by for details.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We have a variety of box sizes available at selected branches. Call or stop by a branch near you to find out pricing and availability. Safe Deposit Boxes are not FDIC Insured.

Credit Life and Disability Insurance

It’s not something we like to think about, but what would you or your family do in the event of a death or disability? If something should happen to you, your loan obligations could potentially place a burden on your family. To protect your assets and your family’s financial well-being, consider Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance for your next loan.1 It can pay your credit balances if you die (Credit Life) or suffer a serious illness or injury (Credit Disability), as defined in the policy.

1.Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance are not available on first mortgages, construction loans, land loans, home equity loans and lines of credit, and all pledge of savings or certificate loans. Credit Life and Disability insurance is not FDIC Insured, not guaranteed by the financial institution, not insured by any federal government agency and may be subject to investment risk and possible loss of value. All coverage is issued and underwritten by Pekin Life Insurance Company.